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AP3SI is very competitive in terms of market prices, quality, and delivery.  To ensure price realism and reasonableness, AP3SI conducts market analysis using a variety of sources and peer comparisons for information to determine competitive wage rates and rates for proposed positions.  Our burdened hourly labor rates include factors such as wages, fringe benefits, overhead, general and administrative expenses and fee.  We provide a best-value at the lowest price possible.

Our ability to provide consultants with the expertise and knowledge to support our clients as well as our dedication to superior customer service have received exceptional ratings – as provided in independent analysis.  AP3SI was recently evaluated by Open Ratings, a Dunn & Bradstreet company, scoring 97 (out of 100) in overall performance in comparison to our peers.

Given our management and quality processes/procedures, relationship with other vendors, low “WRAP rate”, and reasonable terms with sub-contractors, we are able to provide very competitive prices that deliver quality services.

For a full description of Labor Categories and Prices, we have provided the PDF document for your consideration.

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